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Capital One – Block B

Architect: HKS Inc.

Location: McLean, VA, USA

Products featured: Claro®Ceilencio®Solo

Attributes: Knife Edge

Year: 2018

CISCA 2019 Contractor Gold Award Winning Project by C.J. Coakley Co., Inc. features Decoustics ceilings throughout the lobby and office spaces of Capital One Headquarters, Block B.

Stained Maple veneer Solo Ceilencio panels with Type 8 grooving pattern and Knife Edge design returns, together with Claro Ceilencio above the reception desk add a striking ceiling highlight and reduce noise inside this office space. In the lobby area Claro Ceilencio is installed above the staircase and Solo panels add the warmth of wood by encasing the wall with a window to the office space inside.

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Gaylord RiverView Ballroom, Fort Washington, MD

Architect: BLUR Workshop

Products featured: Decoustics Claro, Ceilencio.

Attributes: Segmented Flat Bays, Bow

Year: 2016

Inspired by the bow of a ship, Gaylord’s new infinity ballroom leaves guests feeling as if they are floating on top of the Potomac River. To realize the design intent, Decoustics custom engineered Claro Ceilencio acoustical ceiling system comprising of floating flat bays segmented on an angle to create an arc.
The result is a dynamic ceiling that is not only striking, but also functional as it achieves excellent acoustical performance inside this spacious river-view ballroom.

To learn more about these products, visit: https://decoustics.com/products/claro/ and https://decoustics.com/products/ceilencio/

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Carroll County Public Safety Training Center, Westminister, MD

Architect: Manns Woodward Studios

Products featured: Decoustics Claro, Nuvola

Attributes: Curved, Wave, Concave, Convex

Year: 2007

Curved convex and concave Nuvola clouds deliver great acoustical performance inside Carroll County Public Safety Training Center. Panels only partially cover the ceiling visually creating a wave effect.

They are quickly and easily installed using an adjustable hook and wire cable suspension.

To learn more, visit: about these products, visit https://decoustics.com/products/claro/ and https://decoustics.com/products/nuvola/

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Reston South Market, Reston, VA

Architect: Smith Group Architects

Products featured: Decoustics Metallo, Direct Mount

Attributes: Square, Flat, Metallic

Year: 2009

Reston Town Center is an acclaimed outdoor venue in Reston, Virginia offering a wide variety of retail shops, restaurants, a cinema and a hotel. The main lobby ceiling was created with the use of Decoustics’ Metallo Silver finish. Metallo is a coated finish that is specifically formulated to provide acoustical transparency and exhibits a contemporary metallic finished appearance.
Metallo integrates metallized components to provide luster and sparkle while retaining its superb sound absorption properties. The finish is applied to the face and edge of the panels to create a monolithic appearance.

To learn more about these products, visit https://decoustics.com/products/metallo/ and https://decoustics.com/products/direct-mount/

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Tico Restaurant Washington, DC

Architect: Elkus-Manfredi Architects

Products featured:  Decoustics Fabric, Ceilencio

Attributes: Digitally Printed

Year: 2014

Conceived by Chef/Owner Michael Schlow and designed by David Manfredi of Elkus-Manfredi Architects, Tico is a new and exciting style of restaurant; American at its core, yet influenced by Schlow’s travels and love for Spain, Mexico and South America.

Decoustics digitally-printed fabric panels on the ceiling ensure that the noises are absorbed and deliver a pleasant eating experience. The fabric patterns are matched to create a large-format design and add vibrance to this space.

To learn more about these products, visit https://decoustics.com/products/ceilencio/ and https://decoustics.com/products/fabric/

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Howard Theatre

Architect: Martinez + Johnson Architecture
Products featured: Concerto™ Wall System, Encore™ Acoustic Panels,  Custom Flat Panels ACGI products

Client: Howard Theatre Restoration
Year: 2012
Location: Washington, D.C., USA

Design, architectural influence, structural integrity, code considerations, manufacturing processes, construction time tables—all aspects of special consideration for the renovation of a prestigious landmark. To label this theater a standard performance hall is a shortsighted understatement. Steeped in cultural significance, it embodies over a century of heritage and national history, and after overcoming three decades of dilapidation, the restoration resurrected the soul of an icon. The specialized archways were accomplished with precision machine-cut factory panels, detailed installation layouts and factory-provided templates to enable the contractor to complete the wall installation

without field cuts. ACGI also designed and provided pre-curved metal trim extrusions to complement the assembly and installation. Twenty-four conical slip-matched walnut veneer panels on each side fashioned a curved, flared transition between the flanking feature walls. The proscenium ceiling required a factory-constructed full-size mockup of field conditions with individual panels manufactured to custom sizes. Also, mirror image conditions required similar, but opposite-hand, full-size mockups and unique panels. The result of close collaboration among a visionary architect, an experienced general contractor, master craftsmen, and qualified engineers was a spectacular venue.

To learn more, visit: ACGI Website

McGuire Woods LLP, Midlantic sales group
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McGuire Woods LLP, Tysons Corner, Va.

McGuire Woods LLP, Midlantic sales group

Architect: Gensler

Products featured:
Decoustics Rondolo, Wall Mount, Direct Suspended

Attributes: Segments

Year: 2018

With the elegant look of wood and exceptional sound absorption, Rondolo* micro-perforated panels and planks are excellent for ceiling and wall applications. Rondolo*, having micro-perforations that virtually disappear at a distance, gives the appearance of a monolithic wood or wall installation.

Specifics on this product include: Class A fire rating on finished composite; NRC of up to .95; design flexibility; available in FSC C020536 certified wood; full access; and seismic certified.

A variety of wood veneers are available with a clear lacquer finish, custom stains and solid colors. These panels can be pre-curved and custom-engineered to a variety of shapes and sizes to enhance any space (minimum curving radius is 30” with a maximum width of 30” and 60” in length when using Ceilencio* suspension system. Larger sizes are available using other ceiling and wall mounting systems).

To learn more about these products, visit https://decoustics.com/

Mary D. Pretlow/Anchor Branch Library, Midlantic Sales Group
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Mary D. Pretlow/Anchor Branch Library, Norfolk, Virginia

Mary D. Pretlow/Anchor Branch Library, Midlantic Sales Group

Architect: W. Ray Jennings

Product featured: Decoustics Fabric

Location: Main area

Decoustics offers a wide range of acoustical fabric products that provide superior noise absorption with customization possibilities, as well as a vast array of fabric colors, patterns and textures.

All fabrics are tested for durability and acoustical transparency to ensure required NRC levels and they also meet Class A Fire Rating.

For this project a standard 2’ x 2’ Tegular ceiling tile in a standard 15/16” suspension system was utilized throughout the bulk of the ceiling area to achieve the necessary sound control. The addition of the Decoustics fabric acoustical ceiling in the center maintains and compliments the sound absorption quality of the ceiling system while adding a boisterous and unique image to the quiet space.

A wide range of geometrical shapes, curved shapes, and also dome, cone and vault shapes are available.

With a maximum width of 48” (1.22m) and length of 120” (3.05m), custom sizes may be available depending on project scope and design criteria. Panels have a medium density fiberglass core. Thickness varies by panel type: ½” (13mm), ¾” (19mm), 1” (25mm), 1 ½” (38mm) and 2” (50mm).

To learn more, visit: Decoustics Website

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