CertainTeed Wood

Acoustical Ceiling Panels, Specialty Ceiling & Wall Systems

CertainTeed offers a world of creative possibility that can help transform a space into something sculptural and stunning. Our portfolio of innovative specialty solutions includes dynamic metal, colorful fiberglass clouds and baffles, eco-friendly acoustical felt, translucent back-lit panels, natural wood, and unexpected visual texture of perforated gypsum.


Acoustical Ceilings and Wall Panels, and Custom Engineered Systems

Since 1975, Decoustics has been the leader in custom engineering and manufacturing of interior architectural acoustical ceiling panels, wall panels and systems. Their products range from custom fabric Claro® coated panels applied to an array of shapes and sizes, to a wide range of high performance acoustical, fire rated Class A, wood veneered ceiling and wall panels.

DecoForm Inc.

Molded Column Covers, Capitals, Light Covers, Coves, Domes, and Diffusers

Founded in 1991, DecoForm Inc., is a premier manufacturer of high quality molded repetitive and modular architectural products for commercial construction and provides interior and exterior products in various materials and finishes. Dramatic savings in site labor and reduced structural needs can often be realized as the result of using pre-molded shapes.

G&S Acoustics®

Acoustical, Tackable, and Sound Diffusing Wall and Ceiling Products.

G&S Acoustics® is a leading manufacturer of acoustical, tackable and sound diffusing wall and ceiling products for unique designs, prints and shapes to visually and acoustically enhance any interior space. Experienced with custom design, G&S Acoustics’ fabrication process allows for unique designs, prints and shapes to visually and acoustically enhance any interior space.


Acoustical Ceiling and Wall Systems, and Weather Resistant Exterior Panels

MBI has been at the forefront of acoustics innovation for more than 50 years with fabric covered fiberglass wall panels, acoustic baffles and banners. MBI’s acoustical products provide a practical, decorative solution to noise control for all types of buildings, from large facilities like arenas or convention centers to smaller spaces such as schools, churches, studios and restaurants.


Sound Solutions for the Curtain Wall and Interior Wall Interface

There’s a key six inches of space around the perimeter of every glass building; an air gap that conducts noise in the transition space inside the curtain wall.  It affects productivity, privacy and safety (including, HIPAA compliance). The Mull-It-Over® Mullion Trim Cap addresses this issue with proven STC performance, starting at 55 with our most standard product.


Acoustical Ceilings, Walls, and Roof Decks for Open, High Traffic, High Impact Area

Toughness and acoustics are at the heart of TECTUM interior products, ideally suited to open spaces and high traffic, high impact areas. Panels can be attached directly to walls and ceilings in forms of panels, clouds, and square or curved, and linear hanging baffles.  TECTUM also offers reliable, sustainable, acoustical roof decking solutions for commercial construction needs.


Eco-friendly, fiberglass and chemical free acoustic wall and ceiling panels.

FSorb sound absorbing panels cover a range of needs, from baffles, clouds and tack panels, to lay-in ceilings.  Made from recycled polyester plastics (up to 81%) , FSorb is environmentally friendly, Class A fire rated, VOC free, highly durable, and low cost.  Their endlessly customizable options are available in four thicknesses, countless shapes, 24 colors, and a variety of  fasteners.

WoodN Interiors

FSC Wood Fiber & Polymer Extruded Profiles Ceilings and Partitioning

WOODN’s engineered wood profiles are made of completely recyclable materials, extruded to different dimensions, lengths, colors, shapes, and finishes.  Low moisture absorption and high UV resistance allow for aesthetic and mechanical performance guarantees, while flame resistance and self-extinguishing properties confirm to strict fire codes.

Cambridge Architectural Mesh

Woven Wire Mesh Partitions, Curtains, Elevator Interiors, and Wall Panels

Cambridge Architectural evolved from a world-renowned American industrial wire belt manufacturer with a century of successful engineered solutions. Our roots remain on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, home to a fourth-generation of artisans dedicated to weaving metal mesh.  Cambridge systems deliver a variety of metal fabric patterns and attachment hardware.

Hunter Douglas by CertainTeed

Metal ceilings, customizable acoustical panels, and modular felt ceilings and walls

Hunter Douglas by CertainTeed provides tailor-made ceiling and wall systems. Their field consultants, BIM experts, and project engineers work on various applications – from stadiums, to airports to museums – and will help specify sustainable materials, design versatile integration systems, and create a ceiling topography that gives each space its own personality.

Gage Architectural Metals

Specialty Metal Panels, Feature Walls, Elevator Doors & Interiors, and Ceilings

Gage decorative metal products are suitable for almost unlimited vertical and horizontal applications including walls, elevator doors and interior wall panels, ceilings, columns, feature walls, and more.  Offering a full range of finishes and colors, Gage’s unique Carve, Etched, and Woven products can be specified in sheet or with one of their standard attachment systems.

Speech Guard

Sound Isolation Seals and Caps for Acoustical Gaps at Light Fixtures

Speech privacy is a hot topic in executive, legal, and offices where confidentiality is crucial.  Lighting fixtures have been identified as a significant path for speech to enter the ceiling plenum and travel to neighboring areas.  Speech Guard provides a patented acoustical seal above the light fixture while maintaining air flow.  Treatments include Speech Guard and Shield Guard products.