Plate Metal Facade, Rainscreen, Shading, Column Covers and Screenwall Systems

Owing to the considerable strength and formability of solid metal plate, Metalwërks® systems include visually intriguing façades, that can incorporate complex 3d and curvilinear forms in unlimited combinations of colors and finishes; with options like integrated LED lighting, irrigated vegetative walls systems, and more.  Metalwërks systems are designed and engineered for seamless system-to-system integration, maximum structural efficiency, outstanding long-term performance, easy and trouble-free installation.


FSC Wood Fiber Composite Systems for Rainscreens, Cladding, and Shading

Manufactured in Italy with system fabrication in the US, WOODN’s engineered wood profiles are made of completely recyclable materials, extruded to different dimensions, lengths, colors, shapes, and finishes.  Low moisture absorption and high UV resistance allow for aesthetic and mechanical performance guarantees, while flame resistance and self-extinguishing properties confirm to strict fire codes.  All systems are fully engineered to meet design criteria and provided as complete packages, including shop drawings.


Pre-Engineered Entrance Canopies, Walkway Covers, and Trellises

CEAS+ offers custom created canopies that meet the unique vision and design criteria of each project.  Pre-designed and pre-manufactured to include every component and eliminate cost, scope, and supply uncertainties, a CEAS+ Structure arrives on-site finished, tested, and inspected for installation.  Designed for a wide range of applications, we leverage our experience and in-house design and engineering teams to work directly with architects and designers to streamline the process.

Cambridge Mesh

Architectural Metal Mesh Facades, Shading and Screening Systems

For over 60 years, Cambridge Architectural has been integrating the unique aesthetics of woven ware mesh into architectural applications.  From parking garages and pedestrian bridges to hotels, hospitals, stadiums and transit hubs, Cambridge metal fabrics transform building interiors and exteriors while providing important environmental, safety and energy-saving benefits.  Cambridge offers architects and contractors pre-engineered and custom designed mesh systems to meet a wide range of design, material, and budget specifications.