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Written by Kent Damschroder

Speech Privacy – A Growing Need

Speeh Guad Building Materials Architects, DesignPrivacy in today’s world is an increasingly precious commodity; it’s a major factor in everyone’s lives. Social media can broadcast our every move around the country and across the globe and the smart phone camera provides instant news coverage never-before imagined. The lack of privacy has infiltrated workplaces as well and is wreaking havoc on worker productivity, stress levels and job satisfaction. Studies have found that lack of privacy is high on the list of worker dissatisfaction.

Business executives, lawyers, health care providers, and other professionals need and want privacy when talking to clients or patients. It can be difficult to safeguard confidential information within open concept floor plans.

The increase in converted factories, warehouses, and empty office buildings may be a boon for the real estate industry, but the large, open spaces created for the modern aesthetic contribute to noise pollution in the workspace. The deconstructed industrial look achieved with exposed brick and ventilation systems, metal and glass dividers only amplify the noise, causing it to bounce around.

Ways to combat the lack of speech privacy take several forms. Installing sound-absorbing materials is one way to reduce noise and increase worker concentration. Porous, soft materials such as fabric, mesh fabrics, sound-absorbing ceiling tiles and specially-designed wood panels are among the architectural solutions.

The gaps in lighting fixtures and ventilation shafts are often overlooked as conductors of workplace noise. One of the leaders in overcoming the speech privacy issue is Speech Guard™. They install a patented acoustic seal above light fixtures and over ceiling tiles to reduce noise while maintaining air flow.

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