Cambridge Architectural

Cambridge architectural mesh systems delivers a variety of metal fabric patterns and attachment hardware.

CertainTeed Wood

CertainTeed Wood offers premium wood ceilings and walls, including prefabricated beams and large format systems. For complex projects, they can create complete custom engineered solutions.


DecoForm Inc., is a premier manufacturer of high quality molded architectural products for commercial construction in a variety of materials and finishes.


Since 1975, Decoustics has been the leader in custom engineering and manufacturing of interior architectural acoustical ceiling panels, wall panels and systems. Their products range from custom fabric Claro® coated panels applied to an array of shapes and sizes, to a wide range of high performance acoustical, fire rated Class A, wood veneered ceiling and wall panels. The LightFrame® line of products features translucent fabric ceiling and wall panels that offer maximum acoustical performance and ensure high light transmission rates. Each product can be installed with the patented, pre-engineered Ceilencio® ceiling suspension system that offers full access and ease of installation.

Gage Corporation

Gage decorative metal products are suitable for almost unlimited vertical and horizontal applications including walls, elevator doors and interior wall panels, ceilings, columns, feature walls, furniture accents, desk inserts, and more.


Toughness and acoustics are at the heart of TECTUM interior products, ideally suited to open spaces and high traffic, high impact areas. Panels can be attached directly to walls and ceilings in forms of panels, clouds, and square or curved. Custom TECTUM linear hanging baffles give you even more design options.

Golterman & Sabo

G&S Acoustics® is a leading manufacturer of acoustical, tackable and sound diffusing wall and ceiling products for unique designs, prints and shapes to visually and acoustically enhance any interior space.

Hunter Douglas by CertainTeed

Hunter Douglas by CertainTeed provides tailor-made ceiling and wall systems. Their field consultants, BIM experts, and project engineers work on various applications – from stadiums, to airports to museums – and will help specify sustainable materials, design versatile integration systems, and create a ceiling topography that gives each space its own personality.


MBI has been at the forefront of acoustics innovation for more than 50 years with their fabric covered fiberglass wall panels, acoustic baffles and banners. Their acoustical products provide a practical, decorative solution to noise control for all types of buildings, including such large facilities as arenas and convention centers to smaller facilities such as schools, churches, audio/visual studios and restaurants.


The Mull-It-Over® Mullion Trim Cap stems from their understanding of building construction. They know that curtain wall manufacturers primarily focus on weather-related factors. And they know that interior manufacturers focus on drywall sound insulation which ends at the slab edge of a building. Check out this video for more information.

Speech Guard

Speech privacy is a hot topic in executive, legal and offices where confidentiality is crucial. Lighting fixtures have been identified as a significant path for speech to enter the ceiling plenum and traveling to neighboring areas. Speech Guard™ provides a patented acoustic seal above the light fixture while maintaining air flow.