Composite Structures Institute (CSI) Architectural Stone Systems

Traditional, Ultra-Lite, Large Format, Curved and Reinforced Solutions

CSI’s unique composite system technology provides solutions ranging from traditional to ultra-light, large format, and curved panels, incorporating a variety of finishing; high-gloss polishing, impregnation, honed, split-faced, bush-hammered, tooled, chiseled, waterjet finishing, and more.  Once assembled, panels are cut out according to detailed shop drawings, and can be pre-assembled as ordered.  Ideal for all projects requiring large size cladding panels with minimal weight; our processes efficiently combine cutting edge know-how with the beauty of stone to create panels reinforced by their proprietary Alufoam or aluminum honeycomb produced in aviation-quality aluminum to preserve the beauty of natural stone while overcoming its fragile and brittle properties.  From their 20+ quarries, multiple lines of sintered stone, and partnerships with a global network of outside brands, CSI systems offer the widest range of stone options, including exclusive supply for exterior use of the following:


Portuguese Limestone for Exterior Façade and Rainscreen Systems

Solancis® quality owes a great deal to the excellent raw material with which we work.  Our quarries are situated in the most important limestone formation repository in existence in Portugal — the Maciço Calcário Estremenho — MCE.

Solancis® limestone’s origin out of the MCE provides for unique characteristics due to its formation in a marine environment.  Fossils constitute one of the features of this natural stone, originating in exclusive pieces. Resistance, versatility, durability and beauty are intrinsic attributed of this stone.

Solancis® has developed strategic partnerships which allow us to choose the raw material with precision, optimize the existing resources and increase production, without ever losing sight of the sustainability and quality of the finished product.


Portuguese Granite Exterior Façades, Walks, and Feature Elements

Polimagra® began its operations in 1999 in the Moimenta da Beira distrit of Viseu, and granite region of Portugal, and specializes in the provision and processing of stone for a variety of project uses, including pavement, facades, and urban furniture.

Polimagra® has remained focused on the prized features of their local granite and has the capacity to provide several surface finishes to their stone, including polished, hones, sawn, sand-blasted, shot-blasted, flamed, and leather.

Polimagra® is committed to the reduction of the environmental impact of its activities and actively engages in efficiency in its waste, water, and energy.  In 2010 Polimagra obtained certification for its Quality and Environment management systems with standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Panda Panels

Crystalized Quartz for Exterior Façade and Rainscreen Systems

Panda Panels are made of 99% pure crystalized quartz, are reinforced with and stabilized by adding carbon nanotube figments; they have exceptional hardiness, superior mechanical and anti-shattering properties, and a high modulus of rupture.

Panda Panels Pure White are mineral pure white and UV neutral.  Only pure silica minerals, selected, micronized and pre-treated quartz. This approach insures a homogeneous compound, pureness, highly compacted and superior performances.

Panda Panels Pure Black are Black is very deep Black. High surface hardness, it stands high traffic on public intense transit areas. Impact resistant, indeed resistant to everything. Naturally anti-slip, impervious but full body not glazed. Large quantities are required in order to manufacture curve black.

Marmi Faedo

Exclusive Owner of the only Grolla Marble Quarry in the World

Marmi Faedo is in fact the exclusive owner of the one and only Grolla marble quarry in the world, which is located a short distance from our company, in the Cornedo-Valdagno valley.

Marmi Faedo is able to offer the uniqueness of the Grolla marble, which lies in its exceptional mechanical-technical properties, all of which have been strictly certified. Low water absorption, resistance to abrasion, to swimming pool salts and crystallization make this marble also suitable for outdoor applications.

Marmi Faedo is experienced in processing prestigious quarry stones. Combining aesthetics and quality. Creating tailor-made projects that meet the demands of its clients. Adding style and refinement to any setting.

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