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Written by Kent Damschroder

Eucalyptus – Environmentally-friendly and Versatile

Eucalyptus may only be familiar to you for its pleasant-smelling oil, but the use of its wood in commercial building is on the rise. Native to Australia, eucalyptus is a fast-growing wood which can achieve growth of 6-12 feet in a single year. Some species can live as long as 1,000 years and depending on the variety, trees can grow to heights of 30 to 200 feet.

Building Materials ,Architects, DesignThese trees thrive in wet, swampy conditions where it can drain water and repel disease-bearing mosquitoes. Its absorbent properties make it ideal for interior construction because it soaks up water and oil-based stains quickly and easily. This aromatic tree yields lumber that can be used for flooring, cabinetry, acoustic ceilings, floors, and other design projects.

Another benefit of eucalyptus is its sustainability. Grown on plantations especially for commercial use, eucalyptus can produce up to 30 times more volume than other carpentry wood trees. The wood can be polished to a smooth surface perfect for staining. Because it grows straight naturally, it is the ideal wood for flooring, paneling, and outdoor décor such as trellises and fences.

Eucalyptus is classified as a hardwood and is suitable for structural supports in buildings. It can be manufactured to be fire-retardant and can be pressure-treated to extend its life and durability, and enhance its weather-resistant qualities.

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