Written by Kent Damschroder

Howard Theatre

Architect: Martinez + Johnson Architecture
Products featured: Concerto™ Wall System, Encore™ Acoustic Panels,  Custom Flat Panels ACGI products

Client: Howard Theatre Restoration
Year: 2012
Location: Washington, D.C., USA

Design, architectural influence, structural integrity, code considerations, manufacturing processes, construction time tables—all aspects of special consideration for the renovation of a prestigious landmark. To label this theater a standard performance hall is a shortsighted understatement. Steeped in cultural significance, it embodies over a century of heritage and national history, and after overcoming three decades of dilapidation, the restoration resurrected the soul of an icon. The specialized archways were accomplished with precision machine-cut factory panels, detailed installation layouts and factory-provided templates to enable the contractor to complete the wall installation

without field cuts. ACGI also designed and provided pre-curved metal trim extrusions to complement the assembly and installation. Twenty-four conical slip-matched walnut veneer panels on each side fashioned a curved, flared transition between the flanking feature walls. The proscenium ceiling required a factory-constructed full-size mockup of field conditions with individual panels manufactured to custom sizes. Also, mirror image conditions required similar, but opposite-hand, full-size mockups and unique panels. The result of close collaboration among a visionary architect, an experienced general contractor, master craftsmen, and qualified engineers was a spectacular venue.

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