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Gaylord RiverView Ballroom, Fort Washington, MD

Architect: BLUR Workshop

Products featured: Decoustics Claro, Ceilencio.

Attributes: Segmented Flat Bays, Bow

Year: 2016

Inspired by the bow of a ship, Gaylord’s new infinity ballroom leaves guests feeling as if they are floating on top of the Potomac River. To realize the design intent, Decoustics custom engineered Claro Ceilencio acoustical ceiling system comprising of floating flat bays segmented on an angle to create an arc.
The result is a dynamic ceiling that is not only striking, but also functional as it achieves excellent acoustical performance inside this spacious river-view ballroom.

To learn more about these products, visit: https://decoustics.com/products/claro/ and https://decoustics.com/products/ceilencio/

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Carroll County Public Safety Training Center, Westminister, MD

Architect: Manns Woodward Studios

Products featured: Decoustics Claro, Nuvola

Attributes: Curved, Wave, Concave, Convex

Year: 2007

Curved convex and concave Nuvola clouds deliver great acoustical performance inside Carroll County Public Safety Training Center. Panels only partially cover the ceiling visually creating a wave effect.

They are quickly and easily installed using an adjustable hook and wire cable suspension.

To learn more, visit: about these products, visit https://decoustics.com/products/claro/ and https://decoustics.com/products/nuvola/

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Reston South Market, Reston, VA

Architect: Smith Group Architects

Products featured: Decoustics Metallo, Direct Mount

Attributes: Square, Flat, Metallic

Year: 2009

Reston Town Center is an acclaimed outdoor venue in Reston, Virginia offering a wide variety of retail shops, restaurants, a cinema and a hotel. The main lobby ceiling was created with the use of Decoustics’ Metallo Silver finish. Metallo is a coated finish that is specifically formulated to provide acoustical transparency and exhibits a contemporary metallic finished appearance.
Metallo integrates metallized components to provide luster and sparkle while retaining its superb sound absorption properties. The finish is applied to the face and edge of the panels to create a monolithic appearance.

To learn more about these products, visit https://decoustics.com/products/metallo/ and https://decoustics.com/products/direct-mount/